Introduction –

One of the most important things that you ought to know, according to the Global Retirement Index, is that, Columbia is one of the best places to retire. Apart from that, one of the main reasons why Columbia has become an apt choice for retirees is because of its appealing combination of affordability, rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Compared to many western nations, Columbia has a significantly low cost of living. You can also look here for; retirement visa Colombia & know more about it. Besides all of that, Columbia has a diverse kind of geography, which offers the retired people a range of environment to choose from.

Urban & Tranquil Life –

You can also enjoy bustling life in the urban cities of Columbia like Medellin, or you can enjoy the peaceful life in the picturesque towns like that of Villa de Levya. You can have a plethora of opportunities for outdoor activities and high-quality life, as Columbia has a warm climate and it has beauteous beaches on Caribbean and Pacific Coast including lush mountain landscape too. So, hurry! Don’t waste your time if you are retired with pension and other income, simply look for Colombia retirement visa. A retirement visa is one of the best tailored option for the retirees that Columbia offers.

Benefits of Columbia Retirement Visa –

As per the Columbia Retirement Visa, it allows the retirees with a stable income to live in Columbia for a period of 3 years or more & enjoy certain kinds of benefits. Some of the main benefits of Columbia Retirement Visa are – residency and citizenship, tax benefits for retirees, access to healthcare, pensioners discounts, expat community, ease of travel, & family reunification. So, if you want to enjoy these important benefits then switch to Columbia Retirement Visa and take steps ahead for a peaceful life.

Other Benefits Tax & Residency –

With retirement visa, you get a Columbia legal residency and as a 5-year holder in M-type of Visa, you can apply for a permanent resident visa. And, in next more 5 years, you can apply for Columbian citizenship. In Columbia, there is a tax system according to which, if your income is generated outside of Columbia, then you are not liable to pay tax. If retirees reside in Columbia for more than 183 days or 365 days, then they are liable to pay certain taxes. But you also get certain tax benefits and incentives and deductions and so on.